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Production T-Shirts - Automatic Base Pastes Preparing Unit
Automatic Thickeners Preparing Unit

  The machine is composed by a monoblock compact that includes:
• support frame stainless steel made
• n° 7 stocking tanks for liquid auxiliaries, capacity 150 Lt.
• n° 1 stocking tanks for synthetic thickeners, capacity 1000 Lt.
• n° 8 pneumatic pumps to collect and dose liquid auxiliaries and synthetic thickeners
• n° 8 automatic dosing valves for liquid auxiliaries and synthetic thickeners
• cartridge filters
• PVC connection piping between tanks and thickeners preparing unit
• n° 1 Thickeners Preparing Unit mod. TN 500 installed on loading cells
• power and control electric switchboard
• personal computer with dedicated software for recipes management and weighing control
• n° 1 volumetric pump to load thickeners to the stocking tanks external)
• n° 1 bag filter mod. AD for thickeners
• connection piping stainless steel Aisi 304 made, from preparing unit to sending collector
• automatic valves to send thickeners to stocking tanks

• hopper stainless steel AISI 304 made complete with bridge breaker and spiral flexible transporter
• in alternative, pneumatic conveyor system