Production Textile
Production Textile - Software
Textile Companies operating in today competitive market, must be equipped with instruments and working practices that allow them color production with high feedback level and quality control. FIMAT S.r.l. is in a position to offer the maximum technological level thanks to latest generation user-friendly instruments, tailor-made solutions and minimum maintainance.
Color Drip
Color Drip
This extremely modern and user-friendly program has been
developed entirely in Windows format by our software
designers and enables an uncomplicated control of all the
operations involved in the preparation of colors for printing,
even by inexperienced operators. Thanks to a graphical
representation of the machine and of its components, the
user can directly understand, check and control the system.

The machine can work preparing recipes one by one under
the control of the user, or can work in automatic way taking
recipes from a queue of production.

The recipes can be written using the local machine software
or they can be transferred from Your management system
using a simple and standard method (xml files).

A report specifying all the dosing details of each ingredient is
issued at the end of each recipe and saved in a special

The same details are printed on a self adhesive label to be
applied to the corresponding drum / beaker.

Recipes can be locally saved and recalled to make easier and
faster the production of colour.

The system enables the correction of recipes already
produced, after a quality control check or after a laboratory

Recipes already produced can be reproduced with a special
rapid access function which is useful for reintegrating colors
quantities, optimising consumption and reducing leftovers.

The system can be perfectly adapted to the characteristics of
the products to be managed, offering the possibility to
differentiate ways of dosing and time of recycling. In fact the
parameters of each product can be set independently from
the ones of any other. Also the mixing can be tuned on the
basis of the type of drum and products.

Tele-diagnosis and tele-assistance via modem are readily