Production Textile
Production Textile - Powder Dissolving System
Textile Companies operating in today competitive market, must be equipped with instruments and working practices that allow them color production with high feedback level and quality control. FIMAT S.r.l. is in a position to offer the maximum technological level thanks to latest generation user-friendly instruments, tailor-made solutions and minimum maintainance.
  Mother Color Dissolver
Dissolving unit for powder colours ideal to be combined with automatic colour kitchens where there is the necessity of speed, precision and cleanness in the mother colours preparation. Powder colours, manually pre-weighted, are dissolved in warm water (with possible additives), and once ready, are unloaded in external tanks and so stocked in the automatic colour kitchen In alternative, once colours are dissolved in water, it is possible to add automatically the required thickener to realize the mother colour. Then dissolved colours are unloaded and stocked in the automatic colour kitchen.

  The equipment is composed of:
Support frame for preparation tanks, complete with parapets
n. 2 stainless steel Aisi 304 tank for colour preparation with:
• capacity 60 lit. and 120 lit.
• n. 2 unload automatic valve
• n. 2 bag-filter
• n. 2 mixer 2 HP
• n. 2 direct steam connection

  n. 2 sets of weighing components stainless steel made with:
• n. 3 loading cells stainless steel made
• n. 3 cells clamps stainless steel made
• n. 1 panel electronic terminal for loading cells
• n. 1 stainless steel support frame for loading cells

  n. 1 power and control electric switchboard with:
• PLC Siemens Simatic S7 1200
• manual setting of the weight to dose
• lighting indication once required weight is reached
• connection to loading cells
• keyboard with membrane buttons
• touch panel display