Production Textile
Production Textile - Accessory Machine for Sampling
Textile Companies operating in today competitive market, must be equipped with instruments and working practices that allow them color production with high feedback level and quality control. FIMAT S.r.l. is in a position to offer the maximum technological level thanks to latest generation user-friendly instruments, tailor-made solutions and minimum maintainance.
  Automatic Washing Machine For Small Containers

• Construction completely in inox AISI 304
• Containers loaded in continous
• Automatic advancing on inox AISI 304 transporter
• Possibility of washing the following containers:
    beakers and jugs from 1 to 5 lit., buckets from 7 to 1 1 lt.
• Range module adaptable to customer’s needs
• Automatic cycle for washing and rinsing
• Recycle of rinsing water for following wash
• Straining surface inside machine
• Centrifugal washing pump