Production Textile
Production Textile - Software
Textile Companies operating in today competitive market, must be equipped with instruments and working practices that allow them color production with high feedback level and quality control. FIMAT S.r.l. is in a position to offer the maximum technological level thanks to latest generation user-friendly instruments, tailor-made solutions and minimum maintainance.
Color Wave
Color Wave
Screens/Cylinder Calibration
Thanks to an advanced procedure for screens/cylinders
calibration and the use of printing color
recipes, the software is able to reproduce any flat
or overlapping color of your design, solving the
problem of differences between digital sample
and traditional production.
The software can store all information about
different types of screen/cylinders and the
printing environment of your company.

Multiple Design and Color Waves
The software can handle different designs
together and up to 128 color ways for each design.
You can set step & repeat values for each design
and copying colors from each others.
Printing order and screen visibility is handled
independently for each color way in a design

Coloring Methods
Color selection can be made in different ways:
direct selection from a color atlas, measuring a
sample with a spectrophotometer or choosing it
from a color space (RGB, Lab or HLC).
No matter what method you choose, as soon as
you select a color the software calculate the
recipe you will use in traditional production.
Working with recipes it gives to the software the
ability to make a very precise calculation of
overlapping colors.

Instrumental Formulation
Automatic colors formulation together with
your experience lets you: make the desired
color, optimize preciseness, reduce costs,
save time and increase productivity. Recipes
can be ordered by metamerism, ΔE and
spectral distance.

Color Database
It is possible to handle different production
plant, substrata and dye classes. All your
colors standards measures are organized in
a database allowing you a quick and easy
way to keep under control all your colors data.
Recipes can be expressed in g/Kg, cuts or
g%. The software will calculate your recipe
color gamut, that can be analyzed by a 2D
or 3D visualization.

Recipes Constraints
To avoid non valid recipes, the user defines
the valid colors combinations, minimum and
maximum concentration for each color,
percentage of each color inside a recipe and
desired cuts.

Colors Atlas Generation
The generation of color atlas, for internal use
or customer distribution, is one of the
biggest issue of the textiles company.
The software includes a powerful tool for
automatic or manual generation of color atlas
letting the user define how the atlas will be:
number of pages, rows, columns, color
organizations, color coding, etc.
Functions like cut and paste, atlas
intersection or colors recalculation by means
of a new dye class are included.