Production Textile
Production Textile - Accessory Machine for Production
Textile Companies operating in today competitive market, must be equipped with instruments and working practices that allow them color production with high feedback level and quality control. FIMAT S.r.l. is in a position to offer the maximum technological level thanks to latest generation user-friendly instruments, tailor-made solutions and minimum maintainance.
  Color Mixers And Emulsifiers

The particular configuration of the propeller we
usually install on this type of mixer, makes it to be
adaptable for all the substances used in the
Dyeworks and Printing Houses.
Given that the mixing head (propeller and stator) is completely interchangeable, this machine is also
used in other fields as chemicals industry, resins
manufacture, cosmetics and food industry

• Pneumatic raising of emulsionator unit
• Horizontal swivelling
• Helical impeller with rotation in both directions
• Deflector disc adjustable in height
• All immersed parts made completely in stainless steel AISI 304
• Electric control switchboard